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Our Management Team
D. Ned Sanders - CEO & Founder
Douglas B. Sanders - President
Denika S. Earp - Vice-President
Sanders Communication Services, Inc is a family owned and operated business that has been located in Lenoir, North Carolina since opening for business in August 1986.  Sanders Communications came to fruition when D. Ned Sanders, Owner, chose not to relocate his family to Atlanta, Georgia when AT&T transferred his job there.  Ned is the CEO of the company but he has passed on the day to day operations to the 2nd generation when he retired in 2002.  He continues to assist whenever his expertise is needed.
At Sanders Communications, we recognize that expert-level product knowledge and insight into our customers goals are both crucial elements in determining exactly what product and application will be serve each client's business.  In the highly competitive telecommunication industry, a business needs to have an edge to set it apart.  For Sanders Communications, that edge is our knowledge and integrity.
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